Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to make an appointment?
Before booking an appointment, we need to know the placement and style. Pictures for reference will help us pair you with the right artist. (We have a group of artists that specialize in certain styles of tattooing.) If you have any time or budget restraints, let us know. Now that we know what artist is best for your tattoo, we can set up an in-person consultation, collect a deposit, and pick a tattoo date.
Do you sell tattoo or piercing aftercare products?
Yes we do sell aftercare for both. We'll send you home with aftercare instructions for both tattoos and piercings.
Do the Artists have long waiting lists?
This depends on the individual artist and the size of your chosen piece. Availability can range from on the day to a couple of weeks, however it is always worth checking as appointments move around daily.
What should I be aware of before booking my tattoo?
You must be 18 or over to have a tattoo and ID will be required on the day of your appointment. (We cannot accept parental consent for anyone under the age of 18).

We unfortunately cannot tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you have any medical conditions and/or as a bloodborne virus etc, please make your artist aware of this during your consultation or before making your booking.

We recommend no swimming or heavy sun exposure (including sun beds) for the first few weeks of your healing.
Do you take walk-ins?
Yes, but sometimes we're booked for the day. We have tattoo and piercing appointments daily. Walk-ins are fun but remember, a sleeve or a large tattoo is better suited for an appointment.
How should I prepare on the day of my tattoo/piercing?
A good breakfast is highly recommended, and too much alcohol the night before is not a good idea, as this can thin the blood.
Please be aware we will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drink or drugs.We will shave the tattoo area for you, please do not do this yourself.
Will I see a design before my appointment?
Designs are ready to view during your appointment with plenty of time to make changes with your artist before it is tattooed. Sizes and orientation can all be adjusted on the day too.
Can I use numbing cream?
We do not recommend using numbing cream. This can make the skin more difficult to tattoo and can sometimes affect how it heals. There is often a greater level of pain experienced once it has worn off.
Will my tattoo change if I gain or loose weight?
Your tattoo will only ever expand or reduce at the same rate as your skin, it will not distort in shape.
Can I exercise with a new tattoo?
Exercise is fine, as long as the area is not knocked. Contact sports e.g football are generally not advised until fully healed, due to the risk of knocking off scabs. swimming is not advised for at least 3 weeks.
After exercise make sure you wash the area with warm water and PH balance soap.
How do I take care of my new tattoo/piercing?
Your artist will explain how they would like you to take care of your new tattoo or piercing. For general tips on aftercare, please have a look at our tattoo aftercare page.
Do you need an ID to get a tattoo or piercing?
Government ID is required for any and all services. Piercings for under 18 years of age please contact the shop for acceptable forms of identification.
Do we service minors for piercings?
We do offer piercings for minors starting at the age of 6 with parental consent. The state of Illinois does require a Government issued IDfor the minor along with the legal parent or guardian (for guardians we need proper paperwork).

Forms of acceptable identification include: State ID, Drivers License, valid Passport or the original Birth Certificate. The originals of all acceptable forms. Must be valid and not expired. NO pictures or scanned images allowed.

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Please provide as detailed a description as possible about the tattoo you would like to get. (please include: body placement, size, colors, etc.), so we can match you with the most suitable artist.

*State ID is required for any and all services for piercings under 18, please contact the shop for acceptable forms of identification.

*We do walk-ins on all body piercings on a first come first serve basis.
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