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Serving Schaumburg, Franklin Park and Chicago with award-winning tattoos and body piercing.

Visit us in one of our studios, talk to an artist, express your ideas and let us take care of you. And, when it comes to a tattoo or piercing, don't settle for less than what we would.

Atmosphere Tattoo Gallery - Roselle

1350 lake st Roselle, IL 60172+1 (847)


Monday-Saturday 12-10 PM

Sunday 12-8 PM

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Atmosphere Tattoo Gallery - Schaumburg

301 W. Golf Rd. Schaumburg, IL 60195+1 (847)


Monday-Saturday 12-10 PM

Sunday 12-8 PM

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Atmosphere Tattoo Gallery - Franklin Park

9729 W. Grand Ave. Franklin Park, IL 60131+1 (847) 260


Monday-Thursday 2-10 PM

Friday-Saturday 12-10 PM

Sunday 12-8 PM

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Our Services

Getting pierced or a tattoo should be a positive experience, where you can feel welcomed and trust your artist. With a professional and safe environment, our safety and sterilization standards go beyond what the state requires—because your well-being matters to us.


Whether It's your First tattoo or a Full Sleeve Tattoo, let us bring your Idea to the Next Level of Body Art. Our artists specialize in different tattoo styles, from old school to watercolor dot-work, trash polka, new school tattoo styles, custom work, celebrity tattoos, Chinese tattoos, zodiac tattoos, fairy tattoos, custom tattoos, religious tattoos, cover-up tattoos, lettering tattoos and more.

Tattoo Removal

An alternative to laser tattoo removal that has better results.

Body Piercing

We specialize in different types of body piercings such as Ear Piercings from Lobes to Industrial Piercing, Helix, Snug, Rook, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Conch and Daith piercing.
All Facial Piercings: Eyebrow, Nose Piercings, Cheek, Lip Piercings, Tongue, Piercing, Tongue Frenulum.
All piercings include high-quality jewelry specific to your individual needs. Additionally, we only use single-use needles on all tattoos and piercings.


A semi permanent treatment to shape and fill eyebrows

Meet our team of Tattoo and Piercing Artists

Atmosphere's artists are selected due to the widespread appeal of their skills, inspired work and attention to detail. We don't just hire anyone, we have built a family.

Our focus has always been on clean and original tattoos, spanning a range of styles. We custom design all our artwork and ensure that every tattoo is solid while being executed with a high level of precision. Our artists aim to interpret your ideas into something unique that will stand the test of time.

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Please provide as detailed a description as possible about the tattoo you would like to get. (please include: body placement, size, colors, etc.), so we can match you with the most suitable artist.

*State ID is required for any and all services for piercings under 18, please contact the shop for acceptable forms of identification.

*We do walk-ins on all body piercings on a first come first serve basis.
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